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Education At B.R.B.
The pre school age (3-5 years) is most important age in one’s life to lay a good educational foundation. The rich experience at school provides the child to develop good habits, positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning. He/She learnt to share co-operate and imbibe other social skills. The nursery wing is in fact a supplement to home and not a substitute. The teachers keep very close supervision on the children with love & understanding.

Schools, as the first step towards the education are responsible to educate the child. At B.R.B. we provide children a good future of his/her own choice. The basic funda of the education is to teach the children not the stories written in the books but the morals which are achieved from those stories.

This is the theme which is used at B.R.B. to educate a child which is possible due to the help of the teaching staff B. R.B. The Management & the teaching staff of B.R.B. use to perform the complementary actions to mention the atmosphere in the school which provides value education besides the morality, educates and especially the attitude in the child.

The school aims to empower its student to load life integrity. Moral values & quality education are important in a family atmosphere. The B.R.B. lays great stress on the overall development of personality of every student and help each pupil to be adequately prepares for intellectual, spiritual, culture, physical, psychological & social challenge of the Future. For above activities, the school has a faculty of competent hard working, trained teachers who make the children face at home even when they are from home.

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